Hermetically Sealed

Pt100 Probe

Temperature range
Accurate temperature monitoring with both the logger and the Hermetically Sealed Pt100

24/7 data for a full audit and always secure access to your data via the Cloud

Secure data storage
Secure data storage
Data is securely stored in one of the most advanced Cloud infrastructures

Instant alarms
Instant alarms
Immediate notification by email, SMS or Voice when limits are exceeded


Meet our Hermetically Sealed Pt100 Probe

The Hermetically Sealed Pt100 Smart Probe is a state-of-the-art solution designed for measuring extreme temperatures in liquids. Featuring a hermetic seal made of chemical-resistant PFA (Teflon®), this fully submersible probe has a Class IP68 protection rating, making it suitable for use in even the harshest liquid environments. With a Class A accuracy, the Pt100 element provides accurate temperature measurements across a wide range of temperatures (-90˚C to +250˚C), making it ideal for use in industrial and biological processes that involve hot, cold, wet, and corrosive conditions. The Probe is resistant to aggressive substances, waterproof and easy to clean.

This probe is attached to a SenseAnywhere AiroSensor model 20-20-43, which records and stores the data for easy access through the SenseAnywhere portal. The four-wire cable is 5 meters long, providing ample reach for even the most demanding applications, and the probe itself is only 3mm in diameter, allowing for use in tight spaces.

Individual calibration

Another benefit of this solution is that you can test and calibrate the external data loggers individually as separate devices. This is a major advantage compared to analogue interfaces, where you always calibrate the data logger and the measuring device as a pair.

10 years

Battery lifetime

18.500 events

logging capacity




SenseAnywhere manufactures very accurate, easy to use and long-lasting data loggers, enabling fully automated temperature monitoring during storage or transport of temperature-sensitive products. Our monitoring and mapping solutions are being used in all kinds of industries, among which are Food, Pharma and Logistics, all over the world. Our data loggers have a 10-year battery life, which is unique in the industry.









10 years
battery lifetime

= up to 1.000.000 measurements Even with data transfer every 5 minutes


Your data in a secure personal environment

You can access your data and edit settings of your devices in the SenseAnywhere client portal. Our software is validated. We follow the rules of GxP, and we offer customers tools to become GxP compliant: our Validation package contains a Design Qualification (DQ), Manufacturer Software Validation (MSV), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Our software is constantly updated and extended with features. In our portal you may:

  • Manage the settings of your devices
  • Set alarm profiles
  • Schedule and download reports
  • View complete audit trails to see which users have performed which actions in the system and when.
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