features & overview

Features & Overview


Receive notifications per email or SMS when limits are exceeded


24/7 monitoring gives you a complete audit trail of your products

Seamless Roaming

Automatic network discovery, so no pairing required


The wireless communication is a secure 2-way communication


Our unique and efficient wireless protocol allows you to receive >1 million measurements in the Cloud which means a 10-year battery life

Interactive display

By scanning the device’s unique QR code you can immediately view your data in the Cloud

Key benefits include

  • Secure live data sent straight to the cloud
  • Instant alerts for temperature alarms
  • Access via smart device from anywhere in the world
  • Innovative user-friendly software
  • 10-year battery life
  • 24/7 monitoring access data whenever, wherever
  • Reports generated at the click of a button
  • Cost-effective, robust and waterproof
  • Swap out feature for recalibration period no time gaps
  • Model with external probe available for expanded temp range
  • Convenient monitoring throughout transport with the optional SwitchHolder

Easy to Install

Register + connect = ready!

Cloud based

No back-ups

Takes less than 10 minutes

For all industries

No maintenance

No back-ups

Accessible from any device

Lifetime battery

How it Works


Your AiroSensor discovers a SenseAnywhere AccessPoint automatically and sends its data to the device. An AccessPoint forwards the message to the secure database in the Cloud where it is stored and sends a reply when the message is received correctly. The AiroSensor gets a reply from the database and deletes the data from its memory. As the owner of the AiroSensor you can now access the data and generate reports using any smart device. It’s as easy as that!

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